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Pride Goes Before the Fall

Wednesday, October 04, 2017


“Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.” (Prov. 16.18, ESV)




Pride is a dangerous thing. It causes us to have an envious mindset, to think higher of ourselves than we ought to (as if we are superior to others), to refuse to forgive or to ask for forgiveness, to play the victim when confronted with our sins, to be unwilling to be corrected (even to the point of ridiculing the person offering the correction), or to refuse to obey the gospel (a prideful man sees no reason to obey or ask for forgiveness).


There is nothing wrong with being proud of or taking pride in your work and your accomplishments. There should be a sense of healthy respect for yourself in how you behave, dress, and fulfill your duties. However, if we put our deeds on display to be seen by others, we have lost the battle to the “pride of life” offered by Satan (1 John 2.15-17).


Solomon tells us that there are seven things God hates, one of which is “a proud look” (Prov. 6.16-19, KJV) or “haughty eyes” (ESV). This is commonly known as “pride”. If God hates those who have an unhealthy and high opinion of oneself, we can be sure that destruction will follow.


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