Welcome to the footnote¹ blog. Our goal each day is to examine a verse and give a short summary in commentary form or simply an encouraging note to help you remain faithful to God throughout the week. Either way we hope that the footnote¹ blog will comfort you through God's word and give you a better understanding of His will.

2 Timothy

Preach the Word

Thursday, March 16, 2017


“…preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.” (2 Tim. 4.2, ESV)¹


¹Paul told Timothy to “preach the word”. Unfortunately, people do not like to hear God’s word. In fact, to keep people coming, many preachers and pastors preach jokes, funny stories, or feel-good-motivational-speeches instead of the word of God. Sadly, people leave having heard nothing more than fluff and “positive preaching*”.

Yet, Paul charged Timothy to preach the word “in season and out of season”; in other words, when they like it (Acts 2.37-41) and when they do not like it (Acts 7.51-60). Mixed with preaching is “reproving, rebuking, and exhorting, with complete patience and teaching”. Interestingly, notice that there are two negatives (reproving, rebuking) and one positive (exhorting) included in preaching. One such reason is because God’s word is meant to prick us in the heart to do better (cf. Acts 2.37). Therefore, these things are necessary for our growth in the word (Acts 20.32; 2 Tim. 3.16-17; Eph. 4.11-16).

However, if we are not built up in the faith then we will no longer want to endure sound teaching, and having itching ears we will accumulate for ourselves teachers to suit our own passions (see 2 Tim. 4.3-4). For example, imagine a man who loves to smoke going to ten different doctors until he found one who will tell him that it is OK to smoke. He is simply seeking a doctor that will suit his evil lust. Paul says that once that happens men will wander from the truth into fables or myths.

If you’re interested in learning more about the truth of God’s word and avoiding religious error and myths, e-mail Bryan Garlock or text 903.308.4905.


*This writer does not believe there is such a thing as “negative and positive preaching” as we are often told to “refrain from so much negativity from the pulpit”. If one was to distinguish between the two, both are necessary for the growth of the saint. However, every sermon that presents God’s word and causes a soul to repent of sin or remain faithful is positive. We ask: “Where’s the negativity in that?”

When Love Is a Sin

Friday, February 17, 2017


2 Timothy 3.4 ESV "...treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God..."¹


¹Our focus will be on the words "lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God". In a nutshell, Paul explains what exactly is wrong with this world; we have become lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Those who are lovers of pleasure purposely seek it, embrace it, and worship it. In fact, pleasure has become their god! This is the consequence of a world that has forgotten and ultimately rejected God (Rom. 1.18-32). However, those who love God more than “the cares and riches and pleasures of life” will remain faithful until the end where they will find eternal blessings (see Luke 8.14-15; Heb. 11.6; 1 Peter 1.8-9). These blessings outweigh any amount of pleasure we can possibly imagine in our lifetime. Moses is a great example of one who chose to love the eternal God rather than the temporary pleasures of this world (Heb. 11.25-26; 1 John 2.15-17).

What about you? Will you forfeit eternity because of passing pleasures of this life? Please understand that worldly pleasures will not “fill the void in your life,” or give you true happiness that so many pleasure seekers strive to find; only Christ can do that. Let us help you become a lover of God rather than a lover of pleasure. Email Bryan Garlock or text 903.308.4905.

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