“A New Commandment”

Categories: 1 John, Commandments, Cross, Jesus Christ, John, Leviticus, Love, Matthew, Sacrifice, Serving God

John 13.34 ESV “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”¹


¹It has always been the case that man was to love his neighbor as himself (see Lev. 19.18). Therefore, when Jesus commanded His followers to “love your neighbor as yourself” (Matt. 22.39), this was not some new idea. However, there was a new command that had not been practiced before. This new command was to love one another as Christ loved them. Jesus demonstrated true love when He laid down His life for all of mankind (1 John 4.8-11, 19). Therefore, it can be said that He gave love a new meaning (see also John 15.12-13; 1 John 3.16).

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